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Help My Medicare condenses the complexities of Medicare into simplified concepts that help you understand your options so you can make informed decisions. Our customized personal consultations and group seminars help businesses and individuals.

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Help your employees understand their Medicare options.

Group healthcare coverage costs for employees keep rising. Switching to Medicare can help with this, but often employees (and employers) don’t fully understand their options. At Help My Medicare, we educate your employees and answer their Medicare questions so they can make informed decisions moving forward. More often than not, an educated employee will choose Medicare even as they continue working for your company or organization.

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We are not affiliated with any insurance provider, which frees us up to create plans that combine savings from multiple providers and are customized to each client’s specific needs. In other words, we work directly for you.


Individual Consultation

Meet one on one with our Medicare experts.  

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We find the best drug plan for your specific medications and pharmacy of choice.

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We offer seminars to help employees and their employers save money.

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Almost all medicare advice companies help you for free because they’re insurance agents.  They get commissions from selling you plans.  That may affect their objectivity.  Because we at HMM are not agents, we aren’t incentivized by commissions.  We find the best plan for your situation and then connect you with licensed agents to enroll you.


What Our Clients Say

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Can you guarantee I'll save money on a drug evaluation?

No – we can only determine what money if any, you might save after checking your medication list. We can absolutely promise peace of mind. If there’s money to be saved, we’ll find it. Each year, roughly half of our clients need to switch Part D plans, and they typically save $1,000 – 3,000.

I don't live in Texas. Can you help me?

Absolutely. HMM offers remote Medicare help for clients in all 50 states. We can also help adult children in one city/state manage Medicare coverage for their parents in a different part of the country.

My wealth management clients are usually high net worth individuals. Why would saving a few dollars on drugs make a difference to them?

There is no price tag on peace of mind, and for many, the anxiety itself is very costly.

You might only meet your clients a couple of times a year for a portfolio review, but they go to the pharmacy every month or every quarter. They get anxious when confronted with the cost of their medications. Nobody likes to pay more than they have to, even if they can afford it. With HMM, you provide them with confidence and peace of mind. These things have value regardless of the size of their portfolio.

Can you guarantee my employees will choose Medicare over the group policy?

No – but we can guarantee that they will leave the seminar with a far greater understanding of their options. This improves their ability to make an informed choice, which in turn increases the likelihood that they will switch to Medicare. In some cases, it is not in their best interest to leave the group policy! HMM seminars help them decide what is best for them.

Lucy Higginbotham

Since assuming control of HMM following the original founder’s retirement, Lucy Higginbotham has discovered a new passion for helping clients save money on healthcare coverage. Helping people alleviate apprehension and confusion as they enter Medicare is a rewarding feeling that never gets old.

A 7th generation Texan from San Antonio, Lucy is a devoted wife and mother as well as a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. She enjoys hunting, helping others, and spoiling Fezzick, her family’s black Labrador Retriever.

Before assuming her leadership position at HMM, Lucy was a published journalist and the Vice President of Product Development for Higginbotham, Inc.