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If you have Original Medicare, you have a Part D plan to help pay for medications.  Unlike your Part A, B and supplement which don’t change once enrolled, Part D is different.  Of all the HMM clients who get their plans evaluated annually, about half stay with the one they had last year, but the other half need to switch plans to save hundreds or thousands of dollars.  The biggest mistake you can make is assuming what worked fine last year will work fine this year.  

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We don’t sell insurance.  The advice we give you is 100% objective and based on your best interest, not how big a commission we can get.

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Last year’s perfect plan may no longer be a good fit for you.  Our evaluations ensure you get the current info you need to have peace of mind and possibly save money.

Need Long Distance Assistance?

If you’re responsible for caring for a parent on Medicare, we can help you.  We love being in Texas, but we also love helping y’all in the other 49 states, too.

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